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For The Fate Of The Earth

from Dinosaur Planet by MJ Hibbett & The Validators



The ROCK EPIC! I spent quite a while CIRCLING this one, knowing it was going to be a MIGHTY TASK but, actually, when I got down to it, the talky bits flowed quite easily. Almost as if I've spent half my life with an INNER NARRATION that sounds like Stan Lee.

I've got lots of favourite bits in this one - the key change, the "Iridium" bit, the main riff - but the BEST bit is when I go "WHOA OH OH". I don't get to do that very often!


The Dinosaurs marched out that morning
Their horns and their claws held high
With the armies of the human race
Stood proudly by their side
Then the robots, they hoved into view
Like a great moving city, a city of evil
They knew - Oh they knew
What they had to do

They were caught in
The final confrontation
Facing Total Devastation
Fighting, Fighting for the fate of the earth
For the fate of the earth

The first shot rang out
A Tyrannosaur fell
The human beside him let out a yell
And said " No! No!"
"No surrender, 'til this war is won"
Then with a laser and a mechanical laugh
A giant robot sawed him in half
And said "Ha ha ha ha ha"
"This is going to be fun!"

They were caught in
The final confrontation
Facing Total Devastation
Fighting, Fighting for the fate of the earth
For the fate of the earth

For the Fate Of The Earth
We would lay down our lives
For the Fate Of The Earth
We will stand up and fight
For the Fate Of The Earth
Will be decided Tonight

For the Fate Of The Earth
Man and dinosaur
For the Fate Of The Earth
Will fight like never before
For the Fate Of The Earth
Let loose the Dimetrodons of war

A giant robot, the size of a former Polytechnic's Engineering Building
Drop-kicks an armoured tyrannosaur across the roof-tops of a
burning city
His machine gun spattering the night sky, bellowing as he flies
Then the steel behemoth itself comes under attack
From a combined fleet of enhanced Pterodactyls and human jet
Screeching missile after missile into its iron hide as it slowly falls to
the street below
Where it narrowly misses a speeding car
Driven by Terry with his Grandad in the passenger seat
Clutching a paper in one hand
A phone in the other
And between them the answer!
Iridium! Iridium!
That's how you get rid of them
That rare, precious metal, that defines the KT boundary,
Which we thought was the meteorite that wiped the Dinosaurs out
But no!
This literature search shows it was the failed final defence of the first
They ignited volcanoes, to try and send out a blast
Of Death to robots
Iridium is death
Death to robots!

But then his phone reception is gone
As they crash into an Iguanodon
Gone mad with battle, who says
"Yarr! Prepare to be food!"
They try to turn, but find themselves trapped
By a Giant Robot - they're under attack
From both sides now - surely this must be their doom?

Terry looks at his Grandad, and says
"Well we tried" and his Grandad says
"Yes but I'd hoped, all in all“
"That we'd get to the end in one piece"
Then suddenly, racing down the street
Comes his daughter, Terry's mother, the General
And she's riding, oh how she's riding Captain Keith
She stops, climbs down from his back
And says "Iridium? As found in car spark plugs?"
"Oh and look - I've got a Grenade launcher. "
"Ain't that handy?"

They put one inside the other, then the General looks at the robot and
"Pick on someone your own size, leave my boys alone!"
And she fires the plug straight into the monster's side.
There's a ball of fire, a scream of pain
As the robot explodes in a hail of metallic rain
Which cuts down the insane iguanodon
Which you may remember was threatening to kill them earlier

They'd been caught in
The final confrontation
Facing Total Devastation
Fighting, fighting for the fate of the earth
For the fate of the earth

And now they've fought in
The final confrontation
Avoided Total Devastation
Fighting, and winning for the fate of the earth
For the fate of the earth

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing


from Dinosaur Planet, released November 14, 2011


all rights reserved



MJ Hibbett & The Validators London, UK

MJ Hibbett & The Validators have performed live on Radio One, had a Record Of The Year in Rolling Stone, an Album Of The Day on 6Music, released one of the first ever viral videos, toured the UK and Europe, featured in an Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, and recorded a science fiction rock opera, all while maintaining their complete independence from outside record labels. ... more


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