People Are All Right (digital only)

by MJ Hibbett & The Validators



This is the download-only version of our new single - if you'd like the physical version (a BADGE) please look under 'Merch'!

The lead track is a song about using the power of Drunken Pub Conversations for good, harnessing their might to solve the problems of the world, while the b-side is a modern folk song (but good).

The bandcamp version of this single also comes with two exclusive tracks - cover versions by a couple of our favourite acts which have not been released anywhere before. It's a bargain AND a fashion statement!


releases April 27, 2020


all rights reserved



MJ Hibbett & The Validators London, UK

MJ Hibbett & The Validators have performed live on Radio One, had a Record Of The Year in Rolling Stone, an Album Of The Day on 6Music, released one of the first ever viral videos, toured the UK and Europe, featured in an Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, and recorded a science fiction rock opera, all while maintaining their complete independence from outside record labels. ... more

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Track Name: People Are All Right (when they are given half a chance)
I got home
From the pub
I'd have a lovely time
I told you
That he sent his love
You asked how's his wife?
How's she getting on in her new job?
How's the kids since they lost the dog?
I had no idea
I never thought to ask
We'd spent the whole night
Talking crap

We'd discussed
How to design a bus
Are double deckers better with one stair or two?
Is James Bond
Meant to be the same one
In every film, or is it a title like M or Q?

Star Trek TV series - which is worst?
What band's second album's shorter than the first?
These and many other
Vital questions had been asked
We'd spent the whole night talking crap

Since we've been talking surely
Moutain ranges have been formed
We've known each other since before
Our goalkeeper was born

Next time we get together
Even if takes all night
We'll go through the news agenda
And we'll the world to rights
Set the world to rights

So we convened
After work the next week
We had a lot to do so we began at six
We kicked off
With disputes about God
I said I think we're going to need some crisp

How can tolerance deal with hate?
That one took until twenty to eight
Then how to balance free speech with the corporate media's power
Got sorted in a quarter of an hour

Sex and gender, race relations
Poverty and Crime
We'd answered all these questions
In advance of closing time
And as we clinked our whiskies
To success we had to laugh
To think we could have spent the whole night talking crap

In the morning I leapt out of bed
Eager to revisit what we'd said
On a piece of paper there was just eleven words
And a picture of a penis shooting sperm

People are all right if they are given half the chance
I'd like to see the Dalia Llama disagree with that
It's a mantra that I want the entire world to chant
People are all right if they are given half the chance

People are all right if they are given half the chance
People are all right if they are given half the chance
People are all right if they are given half the chance
People are all right if they are given half the chance

And now I've done my bit I'm knackered, so I'm going back
Next time I'm in the pub I'm talking crap
Next time I'm in the pub I'm talking crap
Track Name: An Office Ballad
Please don't rewrite my bulletin
Internal Comms
If you rewrite my bulletin
You will make it wrong
You cannot make it sexy
You cannot make it fun
It's simply to inform all staff
The canteen shuts at one

Please don't upgrade my profile page
The intranet guys
The content on my profile page
Was recently revised
But now you have downgraded it to 2005
Mispelt my name and cut the text off
Halfway through a -

Please do not query my expenses
The finance team
Filling in the forms you sent me
Took me half the week
I promise you that this is not
An international scheme
To con the company out of
The sum of 60p

A card to sign and a Christmas Do
A chat while we make a cup of tea
Annual Appraisal
An office life for me

Further to me earlier
Email to HR
In retrospect I realise
I went a bit too far
Slashing all the tyres
On the Change Consultant's car
And setting off the fire alarm
In the seminar

In order to apologise,
In The Usual Place,
You will find that I have baked
A gluten free cakes
Receipts outlining from which budgets
The ingredients came
Are in a brand new bulletin
On my profile page

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